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Appropriate clothing

Pack warm clothes for the whole family including warm socks, waterproof outerwear, waterproof boots, eye protection such as goggles or sun glasses, a warm beanie and gloves (preferably waterproof over knit). If you don't have any of these items, don't panic! You can hire boots and outerwear at our Ski & Equipment Hire Centre and you can purchase everything else at our on mountain store, the Igloo Shop. Pack a change of warm comfortable clothes for everyone for the trip home!


Most people don't think to bring sunscreen to the snow, but it is really important! Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be more severe in alpine regions than at sea level and is exaserbated further by the reflection off the snow. Use an SPF 30+ or stronger and apply regularly.

Make sure you always wear eye protections such as sun glasses or goggles to prevent 'Snow blindness' (photokeratitis) - the snow can be very bright on sunny days and cause UV radiation damage to the cornea of the eye.

All your sun safe needs are available at the Igloo Shop.


It's important to stay well hydrated in the snow. People tend not to feel thirst in the cold and therefore tend not to drink as much. A day to the snow however, can be an extremely active one. So pack plenty of water or take advantage of the various vending machines or food & beverage outlets across the resort.


It is advised to carry chains when driving to Selwyn. You can hire chains from any major petrol station or ski hire in Cooma, Adaminaby or Tumut. Make sure you get a technician to demonstrate how to put them on and take them off, and be sure you can do it yourself before you leave.

If you forget chains and find yourself at Selwyn in the middle of a snow storm, we do have a limited supply of chains for sale at the Igloo Shop.

A full tank of fuel

It sounds pretty obvious, but many guests every year find themselves in a position where they need to call the NRMA because they forgot to fill up. There is no petrol or diesel available at Selwyn Snowfields. 

A picnic lunch (if you want)

If ther weather is nice, why not pack a picnic lunch for the family? Selwyn Snowfields is the only resort in NSW that allows guests to enjoy a packed lunch of their own. Take advantage of our picnic facilities including outdoor tables and our coin operated BBQs!

If you feel like a holiday and would like someone else to do the cooking for you, perhaps you would rather enjoy a cooked lunch at one of our food and beverage outlets on the resort.

Snow Safety

Selwyn is concerned about the safety our our guests. Please make sure you read the information carefully, in particular the Alpine Responsibility Code. This is an initiative of all Australian ski are board resorts implemented for the safety of everyone. 

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Snow Safe 



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