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Perfect conditions lead to record snowmaking

Friday, 20 July 2007

This July is set to be a record month of snowmaking at Selwyn Snowfields with sub zero temperatures for the previous 10 days straight leading to massive amounts of snow being produced every night. A few nights ago the Selwyn Snowmaking Team had a record night producing nearly 8,500 cubic metres of snow.

The cover is so deep on the major trails now with the man made snow simply adding the icing on the cake to the impressive natural snowfalls that have blessed the mountains this season. The cold July temperatures have kept the cover dry and soft despite perfect sunshine almost everyday.

"Conditions really don't get any better than this", says Resort General Manager, Christie Heatley. "If you have been thinking about visiting Selwyn then do it now - you won't be disappointed!"

It looks as though the conditions will remain perfect for snowmaking right through the coming weekend so ones begs to ask - when is enough enough? "There's never enough", says Managing Director, Bob Heatley. "We'll make snow every chance we can even if we end up having to dig the lifts out each day. The more snow we can made now, the longer it will last in the Spring."

So it looks like it's back to work for the hard working snow makers at Selwyn Snowfields. Maybe they might be able to get some sleep in November!