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Our Skiing beginnings

Skiing has been around for a very long time, though in the past it was known as snow shoeing, it was a mode of transport for people travelling over the snow instead of through it.

Just down the road at Kiandra in the 1860s the first ski club in the world was founded and skiing became a recreational activity. Selwyn’s humble beginnings originated from Kiandra and though the resort and snow sports have evolved over the years, skiing still remains the most popular snow activity.  



    Skiers and Snowboarders need a lift pass so they can

    ride the various lifts around the resort. Chairlifts, T-bars

    and Pomas are the types of lifts we have to get you

    around the mountain. Lift Passes can attach to your ski 

    jacket or pants so it can be easily seen by our lift




    First timers to Selwyn should take a look at our Trail Map.

    This map shows you the various ski runs and lifts at our 

    resort as well as how difficult each trail is. If you work 

    your way up from green (easy) to Black (difficult) you can

    ski the entire mountain! Printed maps are available to grab

    from the Ski Hire Centre and the Selwyn Centre.


Progressive Terrain

We always say Selwyn is the best place to learn how to ski and snowboard because if you check out our trail map, you’ll see we have progressing terrain. The first slope everyone skis from is a green (easy), blue runs (Intermediate) can then be accessed and across the other side of the valley are our black runs (difficult). Selwyn is not daunting for first time skiers as they cannot mistakingly jump on a lift and end up at the top of a trail they cannot ski down.  


Get A Lesson

Although our progressive terrain helps, nothing will get you skiing or snowboarding faster than a lesson with one of our qualified instructors. We highly recommend lessons to all first timers so we can get them out skiing the slopes and having a great time ASAP.


What You Need

Skiers have a pair of Skis, Boots and poles. boots attach to the ski by clicking into the mounted bindings. Skis, boots and poles can all be hired from our Ski Hire Centre. In 2015 our Ski Hire Centre has had a major upgrade, with new skis, boots and a new system. This will greatly streamline our hiring process so we can get everyone out on the snow faster.







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