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Selwyn's Lifts

There are a variety of lifts at Selwyn that service different trails across the resort. All the runs around the resort can be accessed via 4 lifts: New Chum Double Chair, Township Triple Chair, Powerline Poma and the Race Course T-bar.

The Gentle Annie Magic Carpet runs specifically for the Children in Snow World and the Ski School Rope Tow is used for Snow Sports School First Time lessons.

The other 3 lifts: Wombat T-bar, Boomerang Platter and Home Run Poma make up the rest of the lift system.

Take a look at the Trail Map to see the lift locations, The first lift to open and the last to close is always the New Chum Chair that takes everyone back to the Selwyn Centre. The Ski Patrol make sure everyone is funneled back towards New Chum at the end of the day so no one is left out on the hill when the lifts shut at the end of the day.

  • Lifts are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • The lift attendant is there for you safety, if you are unsure of anything all you need to do is ask and they are happy to assist you!


Lift Usage Policy

When using any lift at Selwyn Snowfields, please ahere to the following:

  1. Obey all signage.
  2. Obey all instructions from Lift Operators.
  3. Do not attempt to ride any lift if you are carrying a baby in your arms or in a backpack. You will be refused.
  4. Do not load or attempt to load onto a lift when the Lift Operator is not in attendance at the loading point.
  5. If you require assistance, please ask the Lift Operator in attendance, they are happy to help.
  6. Snowboarders, ensure your back foot has been released before loading.
  7. Skiers, ensure your stock tips point forward away from the Lift Operator and other guests as you load and unload.
  8. Ensure your clothing and equipment are secured before loading and unloading the lift.
  9. Move to the loading point promptly.
  10. Move away from the unload area promptly.


Chair Lifts

  1. When loading, do not hang off or hold the back of the preceding chair.
  2. Sit back in the chair properly.
  3. Lower the safety bar.
  4. Remove bulky backpacks and hold them on your lap in order to sit back in the chair properly.
  5. Do not swing or bounce the chair.
  6. We do not allow babies to be carried in backpacks on the chair.
  7. Let fall or throw anything including snow or snowballs from the chair.
  8. If you fail to unload at the designated unload point, stay on the chair, the lift attendant will assist you.


T Bars and Pomas

  1. Do not unload before the designated unloading area.
  2. Always ensure your skis or board are pointing uphill at all times.
  3. Do not zigzag up the lift track.
  4.  Do not swing out of the lift track (this can cause the cable to derail).
  5. Do not straddle the T Bar when riding.


Snowtube Lift

  1. Remain seated in tube for the duration of the lift
  2. Ensure loose clothing or hair is kept clear of tube lift attachment devices.
  3. follow the advice of the Snowtube Park attendant.

  4. Do not double up in tubes.





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