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Selwyn Snow Resort recommends the wearing of helmets for all skiing & snowboarding activities.  The safety of your kids is very important to us, which is why as of Monday 1st August 2016 we are introducing a mandatory helmet policy for certain Snowsports programs. All children participating in Snowsports School Programs must wear an accredited ski or snowboard helmet.

Helmets are available to rent from all local Equipment rental stores, as well as on mountain at Selwyn's Equipment Hire.


Helmets on all heads

Whether you choose to go skiing or snowboarding, tobogganing and snow tubing, a helmet provides that extra bit of safety on the slopes. Keeping your head warm is another great reason to have one as snow sports helmets are insulated, comfortable and they also look pretty rad!

Our Ski Hire Centre is stocked with helmets for all sizes, when you are hiring your skis or board consider picking up a helmet as well. If you have any worries just let our hire staff know and they will be happy to help. 




Will I be safer wearing a helmet?

Snow sports helmets can make a difference in reducing or preventing head injuries and many skiers and snowboarders are choosing to wear them. However, helmets do have limits and users need to be aware of them.


Why are helmets becoming so popular?

In addition to offering an added degree of protection, snow sports helmets are now designed to be lightweight, comfortable, warm & fashionable.


Are there helmets specifically designed for snow sports?

Yes, snow sports helmets are insulated for cold weather and provide better coverage and impact protection than other sports helmets, such as bicycle helmets. Be sure that the helmet you choose meets current recognised snow sport helmet design standards.


What do parents need to know about helmets and kids safety?

Your child should know the Alpine Responsibility Code. Slope safety and personal responsibility should be discussed prior to hitting the slopes. A helmet can make a difference in reducing or preventing a head injury from a fall or other impacts. However, like all other action sports no helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts and injuries to the head. Emphasise to your child to “use their head and Ski and Ride with Care”


Where can I get more information about helmets?

Lids on Kids is a policy developed by the Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA) in co-operation with the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA USA) regarding the usage of helmets for children participating in alpine activities. This policy has is supported by Selwyn Snowfields. Parents and snow sports enthusiasts should educate themselves about the benefits and limitations of helmets and then make an informed decision for themselves and their children.



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