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How To Make Snow

Snow is made by mixing superfine water droplets with nucleated ice particles in the atmosphere which combine and fall as snow, all you need is water and compressed air to begin this process. Snowmaking is typically a night time operation when the temperature and/or humidity drops to ideal conditions for snow to develop. We add no chemicals to our snowmaking system.


Our System

Snowmaking began at Selwyn when Managing  Director Bob Heatley built a snow gun from an orchard sprayer and a V8 engine. Today, Selwyn Snowfields has an extensive system covering 80% of the skiable terrain and consististing of 28 fan guns, most of which are on towers and 4 Lance guns. 

Our snowmaking system is capable of producing up to 8,000 cubic meters of snow in one night of optimal conditions!

The water that supplies our snow making system comes mainly from nearby Clear Creek and when required, Three Mile Dam. All water is stored in our snow making storage pond at the top of Township. Evaporative cooling sprinklers circulate the water constantly through the air in order to keep the water close to or below freezing temperature. When the snow melts the water is returned naturally to where it came from.

Selwyn Snowfields snow making system has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible with gravity playing a large role in moving the water through our snow making system.








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